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Diabetes Drugs up to 75% Off
  • Receive up to 75% on all diabetes drugs and medications.
  • Works with or without insurance.
  • Save on drugs like: Actos, Byetta, Humulin, Metformin, Lantus, And many more.

Diabetes Drugs
Up to 75%

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  • Your card will help you save as much as 90% off on diabetic testing supplies.
  • Works with or without insurance.
  • Save on top brands like: Freestyle Lite, Bayer Contour, Accu-chek, And many more.

Diabetic Supplies
Up to 90% Off

Insulin Pump Supplies up to 50% off
  • Whether you are a pump user already or are wanting to become one, you can now save up to 50% off on insulin pumps and pump supplies.
  • Save on top brands like: Medtronic MiniMed, OmniPod, Accu-chek, Tandem, Animas Vibe, And more.

Insulin Pump Supplies
Up to 50%

Retail Products up to 25% off
  • Start saving up to 25% or more on top diabetes products from your favorite retail stores and online stores.
  • Save on: Insulin Syringes, Glucose Supplements, Diabetic Socks and footwear, Diabetic lotions and creams, And much more.

Retail Products
Up to 25%

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More than 100,000 Satisfied Card Users

I had a $50/month copay on my diabetic supplies. Using the Diabetic Plus Card, I was able to get supplies for only $6.99/month. That's 86% savings!!

Livia Landerson

Livia Landerson

The costs of insulin pumps and supplies are outrageous. thanks to the DPC, I was able to get $500 off of my Medtronic pump purchase.

Cary Richards

Gary Richards

Well I decided to give this thing a shot and brought the card to Walgreens. I gave it to my pharmacist at checkout and Voila!!! I received $127 off of my meds!

Jane Doe

Lane Healey

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